Bespoke office support, tailored to meet your needs

Do you have too much to do, to run your company? Do you want to be able to develop and grow your business? Are there tasks that you could outsource to a trusted company that would free you up to better invest your time? Are there tasks that you can’t do, don’t have time to do or just don’t want to do? 

Want to know what a VA can do for you

There are many things for a small company to stay on top of. Larger firms have departments for marketing, accounting, sales, customer service, branding… As a company owner, you are responsible for it all but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all. If you find good companies, you can outsource to experts letting you focus on what you do best.

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Every business is different and your needs will be individual to you. I work with small businesses on customer engagement, processes efficiency & data analysis. I provide bespoke virtual office solutions for your business

Here’s a sample of some of the ways 3D-VA can help you

  • Customer Relationship Management: From setting up the system, through to tracking your client contact activities, in other words, end to end
  • Process efficiency: Establishing and tracking task workflows for time-saving activity automation
  • Document management: On-line file storage, review and sign-off tracking which will make document audit trails effortless
  • Event management: Booking, tracking and communicating about your events
  • Training Course support: From event logistics to user guides, delegate attendance and feedback gathering. In other words, full support for your course
  • Customer engagement: Messaging your clients and potential customers with emails, letters and other comms on your behalf
  • Reporting: Monitoring, tracking and reporting back any of your data to show progress for your team, clients or investors
  • Website support: updates to company sites, for example, posting blogs or adding testimonials
  • Infographics, images and meme creation: Visuals that help tell your story and engage your readers, for example with social media posts
  • Other general office support: for example, email management, appointment booking, website updates, research etc.

My virtual assistant services offer:

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A guaranteed number of hours allocated for your work each month, so you can keep passing activities over as needed.

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Work completed as and when you need it. So your business can be flexible to meet demands (notice may be needed).

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An agreed number of hours to complete a piece of work, such as a one-off project, or cover while you go away on holiday.

Get in Contact to discuss the benefits for your business.

Basic services include:

  • Document management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Preparation for events and training
  • Reporting and standard data analysis
  • Email and customer communications

Premium services cover more detailed document creation and project management activities.

If you would like my assistance for any of the above or want to discuss other possible work, please fill in the Contact form.