What do you need?

As a virtual assistant, I provide bespoke office support services, for small businesses that need more time. The work I do depends on what each business needs, so this is a varied role. Primarily, I work with businesses on customer engagement, processes efficiency & data analysis.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) works remotely supporting businesses with office skills. They could deal with general admin and support tasks such as diary bookings, email management and research or they may focus more on a niche skillset.

What does a VA do?

A VA offers a range of business support services. This may be on a retainer contract, or a more ad hoc or project basis.

When will I need a VA?

You can use the services of a VA if you are time-poor or if you could use a specialist in an area that is not one of your strengths. Hand over administrative tasks, research or the setup and implementation of systems. You can then focus your energy and expertise on growing your business, engaging with customers or simply reducing the stress of business ownership.

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Virtual Assistant support services

Feeling frustrated you don’t have enough time? Here are a few ways using Virtual Assistant support services can change your life:

  • Giving you back time to spend with your customers by taking away time-consuming tasks
  • Booking appointments, sending event reminders and following-up on potential leads – in fact, managing your CRM system for you
  • Managing your documents and virtual filing
  • Producing reports and analysing your data so you can track your progress against goals and share graphs and infographics with clients and potential customers
  • Making your company look larger and more professional; you have an assistant!

3D-VA services presentation

Contact me to talk through your needs, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Let’s have a chat about the services you need for your business
  2. Choose if this is to be a one-off project or an ongoing work each month
  3. Review my terms and sign on the dotted line

Send me the work and I’ll get cracking.