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Below is a list of the Blogs I have written, I hope that you might find them useful. If you like what you see please do email hello@3d-va.co.uk to let me know.




Running a busy company or team takes a lot of time and if you want to grow the business you’ll need some of that time to focus on development. If you work on your own, your time will have to be split between sales and marketing, finance and communications along with all other aspects of running a business and that’s on top of delivering the actual product or service...see more



Sometimes it feels like I have a never-ending to do list. I could easily sit and beat myself up that I haven't finished this or started that or cleaned out the toaster! But life is all about the balance...see more


Holiday Blog

Sitting by the pool enjoying my holiday.... OK I admit it. I wasn't able to completely forget about my business...see more


Customer Relationship Management

Networking is a key way to meet new people that may benefit your company. In business, you need customers. Everyone you meet is a potential client or knows someone who would potentially want your product or service, if not now, sometime in the future. If you don’t keep a record of who you met though, how can you keep track of the people to follow-up up with?...see more



When I was just starting my company, I had some advice from a business coach to get out there and network. It was one of the most terrify thoughts, I was to voluntarily walk into a room full of complete strangers and talk about myself. Crazy! Why would I put myself through something so horrid?...see more



The action of delaying or postponing something. AKA: the stuff we love to put off...see more



Time is money and so we strive for efficiency: we want to do the best job to accomplish success with the least amount of time and effort. The key to being efficient is knowing what you want to achieve. Can you visualise the end goal? This will help to keep focused and stay motivated. What are the steps you need to take to reach your goal? What is essential; What are the nice-to-haves? What contacts and resources do you already have available to you and who else do you need to bring on-board to help?...see more


Process Essentials

I have been writing a process document for one of my clients and thought I'd share some process essentials. Processes are a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. Repeatable activities that lead to Predictable outcomes with measurable results...see more


Holiday Planning

Thinking about going on a summer holiday but worried about missing out on a client? You’re not alone many small business owners forgo holidays or spend hours each day while away, checking and responding to e-mails and calls to keep their business running smoothly...see more





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