Virtual Assistant Office Support Dedicated. Detailed. Dependable.

At 3D-VA my aim is to help enable you to do what you love to do, to run your business, by taking the day-to-day office work off your hands. Taking care of your business support needs. As a virtual assistant I provide cost effective, professional administrative, technical and creative assistance. If you have tasks that take up your time, but do not add up enough to hire permanent staff, you can contact me with your office needs as they occur.


"Dee Has helped me grow my business by allowing me to focus on revenue generating activities."

“…Highly effective and professional…”

...she took onboard exactly what I wanted it to do, and created it perfectly! That was some serious time saved on my behalf...”


Here at 3D-VA I offer a range of office type services. I can help you to run your business with various company tasks such as creating documents, producing presentations, generating reports, managing your diary, sending and tracking invoice payment and looking after your customer relation management (CRM). I will work with you to develop effective processes. You can trust me to follow-up on actions and chase your customers or suppliers e.g. for information or payment.


If you'd rather be with your clients, doing the job you love, or even just on the golf course, I can help free up time taken by your office work. Giving you back time to do what you love.


Visit my FAQs page for more on what a VA can do for your business, check out the Blogs page of this website for a list of subjects and have a look at the Endorsements page to see what others have had to say about 3D-VA.

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